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Scotland Votes NO to Independence

Scotland has voted no to Independence from the United Kingdom, after the final votes came in at 45% saying yes to independence, and 55% voted no.

This equates to total vote numbers of 1,914,187 saying No, and 1,539,920 saying Yes.

One of Scotland’s largest cities, Glasgow, actually voted yes to independence, after the votes of their city came in at 194,000 to 169,000. Other areas of Scotland that voted yes overall included Dundee, West Dunbartonshire, and North Lanarkshire. 

All other areas, including the nation’s capital, Edinburgh, voted NO to independence, meaning that Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom.


Gustavo Cerati Downloads Reach Record High

Fans of Gustavo Cerati are paying tribute to the late Argentine rock legend by listening to his music on a massive scale.

Gustavo passed away last week following a four year coma which was caused by a stroke. He was 55.

The biggest music stores in Argentina were all sold out of his CDs and downloads of his music shot up by 150%, reaching around 2.2 million plays worldwide.

One fan said that it was a way for her to deal with the pain after the loss. Many others are using his music as a way or mourning his death.

Vienna Bus Driver Returns 400,000 Euros to Passenger Who Left it Behind

A very honest bus driver has returned a bag to a 77 year old woman who left it behind on his vehicle this week. But what makes this unique is that the bag contained almost 400,000 euros.

It happened in Vienna, Austria, and reports say that the woman took the money out of her bank earlier that morning and that it was her entire life savings.

Thankfully, Police were able to locate the original owner of the money, and with the help of the honest bus driver, the money was finally returned to her.

However it is not reported whether or not the bus driver received a reward for his good deed. The bus company, Wiener-line did however say that they were very proud to have such an honest employee working for them.

Army Officer Not Allowed to Enter School in Uniform

An Army Officer in Michigan was told that he was not allowed to enter a school this morning because he was wearing his army uniform.

A father arrived at Rochester Adams High School in Rochester Hills in order to clear up an issue regarding his daughter’s class schedule.

But once he attempted to enter the school grounds, he was stopped by a security guard and was told he would not be able to enter because he was wearing a military uniform. According to the security guard, some children would not understand and may be offended by what he was wearing, and he was told to go home and change into alternative clothing.

It was at that point that he called the superintendent’s office and a staff member came out to let him into the school. The superintendent was a combat Marine veteran himself, and he said that he was “appalled” at the situation and expressed his regret to the family involved in the altercation.

Medical Screw Up Killed Joan Rivers

TMZ has said that a medical screw up may be responsible for the death of Joan Rivers recently, who was undergoing throat surgery when she stopped breathing.

It is reported that the whole procedure should not actually have taken place at all, as it was an outpatient procedure that should only be done in a hospital.

It was during a biopsy checking something on her vocal chords when they decided to seize and slam shut, which caused Joan to stop breathing. When the resuscitation attempts began, her heart stopped.

Two Teenage Girls Stopped on way to Join ISIS

Two teenage schoolgirls were stopped by Austrian authorities today after they were spotted leaving the country to join the jihadists in the Islamic State, known as ISIS.

It is reported that a third girl was also going to join them, but she was luckily stopped by her mother.

The two girls who did attempt to leave were aged just 14 and 15, and were both from Vienna. They were reported as missing, and the 15 year old is reported to have Iraqi origins, even though the family have lived in Austria for 20 years.

It is currently unclear how the girls became involved in ISIS and decided that they wanted to join, but when Police found them, they said the girls said they did not like Austria and were planning to go to Syria or Iraq.

Vietnam Says China is Beating Their Fisherman

Vietnam has accused the Chinese Authorities of beating several of their fisherman. China has responded to the accusation stating that no beating took place, and that the fisherman were arrested and detained after being caught taking part in illegal fishing.

This is just the latest in many confrontations between the two nations where fishing has been involved.

The Foreign Ministry of Vietnam has stated that a Vietnamese boat which was fishing near the Paracel Islands earlier in August was intercepted by two Chinese speedboats, who quickly confiscated their equipment and vandalized the fishing boat. It was at that point that they reportedly also beat the fisherman.

China responded saying that the Vietnamese fishermen were using explosives to catch the fish whilst in Chinese waters, and that is why they were quickly detained, and the explosives were confiscated.

Three Million Will Receive Refunds From Energy Companies

Up to three million people are being advised to reclaim money they are owed from the big six energy suppliers in the UK, as it was announced £153m is owed in total to consumers.

All six of the big six firms have launched a campaign in order to get the money back to the consumers, after being forced to do so by Ofgem.

Ofgem stated that unless they can see clear progress of the money being refunded, they may have to take action against the companies.

It is estimated that on average, £50 is owed to each of the customers.

It has happened over the span of six years, where small amounts have been accumulated from overpriced bills, and that money has not been reclaimed by pro-active consumers. This usually comes from people moving house and not cancelling in time, changing a supplier or not leaving the company with the correct forwarding address.

It has also been reported that if the money is not reclaimed within two years following this campaign, the money will be used to help vulnerable customers.


France Will Miss Deficit Target

The finance minister of France, Michel Sapin, has announced that the country will not achieve it’s 3% EU budget deficit target.

He has said that the budget deficit will not be able to go below 3% until 2017, and stated that it will be around 4.4% of GDP in 2014.

France have not requested a change in the European Union rules, as stated at a press conference, but they did lower the country’s growth projections for both this year and next year.

This comes after last month three French ministers resigned over a row regarding the economic policy. Mr Sapin has said that the country reflected an economic reality that affected the whole of Europe, and not just France.

France has missed a number of targets and has been struggling with unemployment and low growth.